In an effort to make our menu easier to understand, we're sharing with you a few basic terms related to Indian cuisine so you don't have to check out the definitions of some of our most common menu items.


TANDOOR - Traditional Indian clay oven for grilling and baking

DOSA: Rice flour crèpe from South India

ALOO: spiced potatoes

PURI: fried flour shell

SEV: a fine and crispy chickpea noodle

CHAATS: chaats are a savory snack or appetizer

PICKLES: Fruits and veggies preserved in mustard oil , salt and spices

PARATHA: unleavened flatbread, layered with ghee, griddled, flakey

PANEER: Homemade Indian fresh cheese with a firm and spongy body, made from cow milk

MASALA: indian spice blends made for various dishes

RAITAS: popular yogurt based sauce

CHUTNEYS: Indian dips