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About Urban Indian

Urban Indian’s menu fare is reflective of India’s vivid cultural influences and geographical diversities. Situated at downtown Copenhagen, it is a contemporary Indian restaurant with a melange of ever-popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine selected, prepared and served with passion.

Our menu celebrates the soul, warmth and vibrancy of India. With specially curated street food and dishes from the tandoor clay oven, the menu is a mix of classic and contemporary dishes from modern Indian metropolises. 

In order to give Denmark the taste of the different regions of India, Urban Indian introduces the unique concept of REGIONAL MENU OF THE MONTH.

In this we bring to you unique cuisines from the far flung regions of diverse India. These regional dishes are heavily influenced by the region’s history, conquerors, trade partners, and the religious and cultural practices of its populace. Urban Indian chooses its REGIONAL CHEF OF THE MONTH from among the Indian women living in Copenhagen who come down and cook for you at our kitchen for that month. This not only financially empowers these women but also brings to our guests an exhilarating, and deeply gratifying experience where they can taste regional Indian food as prepared at homes back in India. The REGIONAL MENU OF THE MONTH is available for dining-in at the restaurant and not for takeaway.

You can reach us on

  • H. C. Andersens Blvd. 13, 1553 København
  • eat@urbanindian.dk
  • +45 91 93 91 93