About Us

Urban Indian’s menu fare is reflective of India’s vivid cultural influences and geographical diversities. Situated at downtown Copenhagen, it is a contemporary Indian restaurant with a melange of ever-popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine selected, prepared and served with passion.

Our grilled skewers of tender meat, vegetables and paneer, flavoured with exotic marinades and fragrant rubs are grilled with passion in authentic clay ovens that have made a way from ancient Indian cooking traditions to the present day modern Indian metropolis.

The extensive and comfortable seating arrangement, the seamless flow of aroma from one table to another will entice you to sit down for a warm meal. The variety of Indian cuisine on offer is enough to tempt you to indulge in a pure orgy of flavours. The lighting and decor create the perfect ambience for long lazy lunch and dinners over exceptional signature dishes and vibrant cocktails.


We know the joy of a cosy meal with your dear ones at the comfort of your own home. Please choose either a pick up or a delivery at your doorstep.
If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, please contact the restaurant. The restaurant will provide food-specific information upon request.



No waiting, just let us pull up a chair for you when you arrive. Make a table reservation any time and receive a booking confirmation on email and/or on your cell phone

Open Hours

Sun to Wed 12.00 - 23.00 (Kitchen closes at 22.30)

Thu to Sat 12.00 - 02.00 (Kitchen closes at 23.00 and Bar closes at 02.00)

+45 91939193

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Be it street food for corporate events or elaborate buffet catering for special occasions, you can count on our unique event services that keep in mind your personal preferences.
Give us a call or request information about our service by writing below.


In an effort to make our menu easier to understand, we're sharing with you a few basic terms related to Indian cuisine so you don't have to check out the definitions of some of our most common menu items.

TANDOOR - Traditional Indian clay oven for grilling and baking

DOSA: Rice flour crèpe from South India

ALOO: spiced potatoes

PURI: fried flour shell

SEV: a fine and crispy chickpea noodle

CHAATS: chaats are a savory snack or appetizer

PICKLES: Fruits and veggies preserved in mustard oil , salt and spices

PARATHA: unleavened flatbread, layered with ghee, griddled, flakey

PANEER: Homemade Indian fresh cheese with a firm and spongy body, made from cow milk

MASALA: indian spice blends made for various dishes

RAITAS: popular yogurt based sauce

CHUTNEYS: Indian dips


Located at the heart of Copenhagen, we are at 2mins walking distance from the City Hall and the Rådhuspladsen metro station. We are well connected through public transport and at 4mins walking distance from the Tivoli Gardens main entrance and the Walking Street (Strøget) entrance. We are at 7 mins walking distance from Vesterport and Central train stations.
OPENING HOURS - ALL DAY 12.00 - 24.00 (Kitchen closes at 22.30)
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 11, Copenhagen 1553 Denmark